Photography 101

I've been obsessed with light and photography since 6th grade. I remember the exact moment.

It was a crazy foggy morning and our school district was on a fog delay. The property around our house was wooded and I was in awe of the early morning light streaming through the fog and the trees. I grabbed my purple, plastic film point-and-shoot camera and centered the sun in the frame, so the rays of light streamed off to the sides of the image, and pressed the shutter. That was years ago, and I haven't been able to find a copy of the photo - the moment just lives in my head. That was my moment.

Sharing my love for photography doesn't just mean sharing my work, it means making all that I've learned accessible to others. Read through blog posts below to learn more about photography, or become a Patreon of mine for access to detailed photography tutorial videos, image reviews and more!